Integration Of Health And Social Care Case Study

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Through reflecting on your experience of working with/caring for a patient or client as a student nurse, explore what integration might mean for your future working practice as a registered nurse, and the care of individuals (patients/clients) in the future.

Integration is an integral part of how different agencies, including the national health service (NHS), provide the highest quality of care for patients. Integration of health and social care can be described as finding new ways to organise care which will stop the duplication of care given and help to provide more preventative care (National Evaluation of the Department of Health’s Integrated Care Pilots 2012). A big part of integration is interagency working, also known as multi-professional
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According to her son, Betty requires physiotherapy input (after her hip replacement) and he has discussed these concerns with the doctors and nurses whilst Betty was in hospital, she did receive input whilst she was in hospital but her son believes this needs to be an ongoing process. This could be considered a communication breakdown between discharge from hospital and GP appointments. Showing a lack of integration between health and social care services in the hospital and the community. Despite these poor aspects of integration Betty’s son has identified, he also believes some services worked together well after his mother’s release from hospital. One of the things he thinks has worked particularly well in the input from 3rd sector voluntary organisations, Betty now has a ‘buddy’ that she sees every fortnight due to hospital nurses picking up on the fact that she seemed lonely as her son does not have much time to spend with her because of family and work commitments. Referrals were made by the nurses in the ward and AgeUK’s befriending service arranged a buddy for Betty, since then her son reports her being much happier and she doesn 't seem as confused (Ageuk, 2016). ‘Befriending’ has been involved in heathcare …show more content…
Despite the fact it is not fully integrated, it is improving every day to create more connected health care services. It can be difficult to keep all services in contact at all times – there is extensive research currently going on which will help to determine what the best course of action will be. Education is also a big part of implementing integration, this involves ensuring all professionals know what is required of them and how they can deliver their care to the highest of standards. It can be difficult to education healthcare professionals that are currently training as nobody knows what the implementation of integration will look like in the future, for now, the Scottish Government have provided a document to help healthcare professionals to understand the main points of integration and realise the best ways to deliver integrated care, it is known as the 12 integration planning principles. The end goal with the integration agenda is to deliver preventative care to a high standard, with a holistic approach and putting the patient at the forefront of every decision. For me, holistic healthcare will become more prevalent as I progress through my training – this means

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