Partnership Working

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This essay will provide a rational as to why this topic of communicating a new diagnosis of cancer has been chosen (see appendix 1). It will provide a definition and a discussion of what partnership working is and its importance with regards to conveying a potentially distressing and difficult diagnosis. This essay will also critically evaluate some of the barriers and enablers that could hinder or promote effective partnership working, these include who delivers the news and how, the environment as to which the information is being delivered and how the information is being communicated. Finally the essay will evaluate the literature regarding the evidence base and recommendations for clinical practice.
There are a number of definitions of
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Palliative care can be complex and sensitive. Health professionals should be trained in communication skills such as breaking bad news (NCI, 2015). The health professional who delivers the news of the diagnoses should be the person who takes charge of the patient’s treatment, palliative care and any other contact with the patient to keep continuity (Okamura, 1997). With palliative care sometimes the family and friends tend to take charge especially if the patient is progressively dying, finding it hard to stay conscious and to communicate. The family will usually speak for the patient and say what they think the patient needs. This is why it is important to have a plan put in to place from when the patient is first diagnosed, this will set out clear guidelines of the patient’s wishes and what they would like in the future. This includes the place where the patient wishes to pass away and whether they would like the Chaplain to visit. Any added extras the patient will require such as carers, night sitters district nurses and specific equipment can be added on at a later date (Macmillan cancer support, 2011). It is important to have a set plan so the patient is still in control of their care when they cannot express their wishes due to …show more content…
This also offers the patients an opportunity to ask any questions and to clarify any misunderstood or miss-interpreted information. Using a private setting ensures that no conversation can be over heard meaning all information is kept confidential (Dunn, 1996). If the patient has been in hospital prior to the diagnoses then the doctor will deliver the news by the bedside, this is normally in a six bed bay behind the curtains. This in turn does not provide privacy, confidentiality or comfort for the patient. The patient may not want to ask questions as they may be heard by other patients. As well as this the doctor will not spend the quality time needed for the patient to understand and process the information (Baillin, 2008). Health professionals often feel too busy to spend adequate time with the patient therefore leading to the patient feeling lost with no support and no one to turn to for specific advice or to answer questions.
Overall this essay shows how effective partnership working is important when communicating a new diagnosis of cancer, it provides a definition of partnership working and discusses what partnership working is. It provides a critical discussion and evaluation of the barriers that may prevent partnership working to be effective and what can be done

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