The Importance Of Partnership Working In Health Care

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This essay will provide a rational as to why this topic of communicating a new diagnosis of cancer has been chosen (see appendix 1). It will provide a definition and a discussion of what partnership working is and its importance with regards to conveying a potentially distressing and difficult diagnosis. This essay will also critically evaluate some of the barriers and enablers that could hinder or promote effective partnership working, these include who delivers the news and how, the environment as to which the information is being delivered and how the information is being communicated. Finally the essay will evaluate the literature regarding the evidence base and recommendations for clinical practice.
There are a number of definitions of partnership working used by different health professionals every day, the definition that will be used throughout the essay is: Partnership working is about developing comprehensive, equally useful relationships that increase the quality and experience of care. Effective partnership working should include quality care and support for the patient with a new cancer diagnoses and their family and carers (Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPSNI),
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There are a number of ways in which people can communicate including verbal and non- verbal communication. It is important when breaking the news of a cancer diagnoses that the health professional uses correct balance of them both, this could include breaking the news with a soft and calm tone of voice. Placing the hand on the patients hand, lap or shoulder can show non- verbal communication also, leaning in and being at the same level as the patient is effective non- verbal skills (Remland, 2004). This can keep the patient calm and composed when the news is being broke, it can also make the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed around the health

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