Medicine Verbal Communication Analysis

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In medicine verbal communication allows the doctors to have a stable relationship with the patient, physicians, care system and society. According to Charles (2002), “ The physician’s primary inviolate role is as an active advocate for each patient’s care and well-being” (p. 198) because of the expectations placed on physicians based on the assumption that they experts in their field and be a source of information. Being able to provide useful and accurate information makes the process where doctors makes decisions more exact because trust forms through bounding because of interactions; this allow the doctor to encourage a treatment that will help them. Charles explains that, “ the physician should treat each patient with honesty, compassion, …show more content…
198) because speaking and informing the patient eliminates the need to have an existing treatment that may or may not work. Besides having to build a relationship with the patient, if doctors create a connection with other doctors a model is formed that exemplifies a standard of how treat a patients. Charles discusses how, “ Physicians have a responsibility to maintain moral integrity, intellectual honesty, and clinical competence” (p.198). Owning theses qualities pushes the doctor to do what is suitable for the patient. Being able to have theses qualities allows the doctor to honestly decide if a treatment, whether expensive or inexpensive, is actually the best option if there is not a guarantee if the treatment will succeed. As new medical breakthroughs occur always in medicine Charles explain that, “Physicians, as stewards of medical information, have an obligation to educate and share information with colleagues, including physicians in training”(p.198) because having communication among physicians improves knowledge on the …show more content…
Charles mentions how various factors within the system of care attempts to shapes what a doctor can do for the patients but it is important for the physician to remember that “ the physicians duty of patient advocacy should not be altered by the system of health care delivery which the physician practices” (p. 198). Being carried away from an initial goal can be easy and can happen to anyone but doctors are to remain focused on providing care for every member of society. It is important to remained focused and seek the best route for the patient. Doctors who are able to provide care services are required to serve all the members of society and participate in the creation of health care policy (p. 199). Charles explains that, “ Physicians have an ethical obligation to preserve and protect the trust bestowed on them by society” (p.199) because patient place their trust on them when they are in a vulnerable moment. When the patient is in a vulnerable stage the doctor should encourage the patient to start and finish the procedure that whether not it is

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