Importance Of Courage In Nursing

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What aspects make a nurse successful, being courageous? Courage is a very important aspect in making a nurse success. I learned about how important it is to have courage in your nursing profession. The information everybody learned is very helpful. Courage is very different in our everyday life. Everyone has their own way of defining each of them. In my own opinion courage means the ability to control your fear in a dangerous or difficult situation. Courage is essential in the profession of nursing because it will show you leadership.
According to Dictionary, “ Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.” I agree with this definition 100%. In my opinion, courage
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It is a very essential aspect in all occupations especially the medical field. By being a nurse you are being a leader to your team, patients, and family. As a nurse you will encounter many things use as life situations, disagreements with family and team members, and many more. In the article Courage in Nursing Leadership (2011), “To be courageous, you must also have the honestly to admit when you have made a mistake or took a wrong path” (para. 4) I believe this should always be done in the work field because you will gain more trust and less misery by admitting your mistakes. That quote is very true quote even for my job as a …show more content…
I wish more people would realize how important it is and maybe they might change how they feel about coming to work. When you dread coming to work, your co-workers and patients can see that in you. You want them to feel comfortable with you. In the article written by Rose Sherman “Courage in leadership is doing what is right no matter what the consequences are.” (2011) This quote is very true to me, that’s why I picked it to put into my discussion. You need to show yourself, your co-workers, your patients, and your patient’s family members that you are courageous, caring, and believe in yourself. It is a very important thing to

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