Stephen Hawking: A True Hero

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Courage is the ability to do things that are more challenging and difficult than the ordinary endeavours. Out of the this, the greatest courage is risking something of value to oneself to perform a selfless action. Because life is the most valuable possession to a human being, risking that to save another person is the portrayal of true heroism. A perfect example of this is Harriet Tubman who risked her lives many times to rescue over 300 slaves. Courage is the ability to overcome the unknown, fear and doubt and continue striving for one’s goals and purposes despite external challenges they may face. Stephen Hawking has all these characteristics and he is considered a hero for many. Although he suffered from his disease which immensely affected …show more content…
The first act of heroism was overcoming his physical disabilities and constantly undertaking new challenges. Young did not allow his condition to discourage himself and sought the same opportunity as others to achieve his dreams. When rejected from the US Army, Young searched for alternative ways that would best accommodate him instead of getting discouraged and giving up, like most people would be inclined to do. This showed his willingness to overlook the things he lacked and instead focus on the things that he was capable of doing. In the end, Young achieved many achievements that many would not be able to. The second aspect to Young’s courage was his selflessness. Worried that he would be unable to preserve the lives of the men in his units, he admitted his flaws to his commanding officer and asked to be demoted. Ultimately, he made a decision to step down from a higher position for the sake of others. Young considered the well being of others instead of his own luxury, which is an uncommon act of bravery. Lastly, Young risked his own life to save that of his comrades, which is an act of true sacrificial heroism. When the men were ambushed in New Georgia, there was only a slim chance of survival in both advancing and retreating. According to sources, Young blantly ignores the command that the officer gives at the time and says “I’m sorry Sir, but you know I don’t hear very well” while looking straight into the officer’s eyes. Then, Young charged straight towards the continuously firing machine guns. Giving up his own life, he was able to save the lives of 18 men. Despite his doubtful physical appearance, Young is one of the greatest heroes in American

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