What Makes George Washington A Good Leader

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It was unreasonable to think that an amateurish bunch of soldiers were going to defeat the world’s most powerful army. The odds were really not in their favors but against them all, they did not stop from trying though. They were determined to become their own country and disaffiliate from Britain. The entirety of the war could have not been won without the leadership of George Washington, the unfaltering fortitude of the fearless volunteers who sacrificed their lives for the better of the colonies, and the financial and military assistance from other countries. George Washington was a remarkable leader. The heroism he demonstrated during the battle at Princeton provided the extra push of confidence that the inexperienced soldiers needed. His act of bravery was so well remembered that many of them wrote back to their family members, saying things like, “When I saw him brave all the dangers of the field and his important life hanging as it were by a single hair with a thousand deaths flying around him. Believe me, I thought not of myself.” Washington made the soldiers believe in themselves and their found courage were what led the Americans to victory. Washington also possessed …show more content…
France not only helped the Patriots financially but also sent over their own troops to fight alongside the American ones. One general who offered his services was Baron Friederich von Steuben, a Prussian officer. Though not French, he still volunteered to train Washington’s soldiers in a more professional manner. He made them do daily drills and eventually shaped them in respectable troops. This extra boost was what the troops needed to get farther into the war. Sheer determination can only get you so far. In conclusion, three of the biggest contributions to the American win in the Revolutionary War were, George Washington’s notable leadership, the willpower and bravery of the colonists, and the support from

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