My Brother Sam Is Dead Character Analysis Essay

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Bravery and maturity are some characteristics ascribed to Tim Meeker from the book My Brother Sam is Dead, by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. Tim Meeker had to grow up faster than he would have needed to if the war had not appeared into his life. He had always looked up to his brother Sam, though he wasn't a good example for Tim. Tim had many responsibilities to fulfill and he acted maturely and knew how to handle hard situations. Sam goes to war, and their father dies, so Tim had to do his chores and help his mother with others that Sam and their father used to do. He also had to help his mother and encourage her. Tim shows bravery, maturity, and perseverance throughout the book.
You need bravery in war. Tim knows he has to
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When Tim finds out that his father is captured he has to take the cattle to the tavern alone. Even though it's a long way, and he has to lead the cattle all the way home, as well as being worried, sad and scared, he keeps going and gets home. Tim doesn't stop trying to persuade Sam to stop fighting in the war even though he knew that Sam was not going to be convinced that easily and gets furious when Tim tries to convince him to stop fighting in the war that is now taking place in Redding. Tim is tired because he has to do chores, but he keeps going with perseverance, and finishes them. “ Sam I won't apologize. War turns men into animals, Mother said.” Tim had already told him to leave the war a lot of times, and his mother insists, but Sam doesn't want to leave the war.
Tim shows his bravery brave character in My Brother Sam is Dead. His life changes very fast and he has to learn how to manage that change. War forces Tim to become more mature and obedient. He takes on new responsibilities, being the man of the family. He is persistent in doing his chores; he doesn't stop doing them from fatigue or boredom because he is mature and knows he has to assume those responsibilities. This is an innocent boy in war that has to confront these situations because of the unwise decisions of

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