Urinary Tract Infection Report

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The Issue:
The recent studies by pediatricians and child specialists have come to an astounding conclusion- ‘Do not potty train your kids before 2 years of age’ (Hodges, 2012). It sounds ridiculous and off-the-track, especially because all over the world the parents have been tempted to potty train their children as soon as they can. Many countries start following this course of attempt ever since their child starts walking independently, which happens at around 1 year of age (Bolam, 2006). Parents in courtiers across Europe have been instructed to start everything early, especially potty train the kids; as a result most of the preschool entrants are ‘independent’ before they turn 3. However, the new findings cause alarm. Doctors relate this
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Mary Robins, a pediatric urologist and the mother of a 4 year old discusses about the long queue outside her clinic frequently. Parents bring their children mostly ranging between 5 to 8 years of age, with the cases of dysfunctional voiding. This is the situation when there is a sudden onset of pee and poop accident. Most of these cases can be related to the children who were potty trained before 3 years of age, or who trained themselves at their own will- as state the parents. “There is an alarming rate at which kids with Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) line up at my clinic”, says Dr. Robins. As a pediatrician herself, she can correlate the dysfunctional voiding with early age potty training quite easily (Anon, …show more content…
She says that her older 2 children were potty trained at the age of 2 years. Though she never realized that it could be due to early aged training, she spent most of her time treating them for UTIs. “That was a nightmare”, she recollects. After Zoe Rosso’s case in Virginia warned the parents about not potty training their children at very young age, she guessed it could be that, and never tried this with her youngest one. He never had to visit the clinic for UTI treatment till date (ScienceDaily, 2014).
Another parent raises a valid concern over the strict potty training policy in elementary school. “My 3-year old has learned to hold the pee from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. This is ridiculous”, she says. No doubt this is. It can lead to serious bladder problems with high probability (ScienceDaily, 2014).
A casual father who is a single parent for a 4-year old boy shares his opinion, “What is potty training? My kid is still in diapers, never has to hold his pee or burden his bladder. I’m quite peaceful. No problems so far for any of us.” This school in Arkansas has medical practitioners working with it, and is of the opinion that kids will learn as they grow all by themselves. 5 more of the parents from this school shared the same view on the matter when asked (Huffingtonpost.com,

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