Bladder Exstrophy Character Analysis

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Imagine your beautiful baby girl being born and then finding out she has a birth defect that will affect her quality of life forever. I was born with Bladder Exstrophy, a rare abnormality present at birth in which the bladder and associated structures are improperly formed and occurs in 1 out of 50,000 births. Throughout my childhood I’ve had 14 surgeries to make my life as “normal” as can be. To manage my situation it requires very different techniques just to empty my bladder and to prevent serious infections.

Recognizing the need to help support me and others with this anomaly, my parents organized an annual support group camp out. It is held at Lake Tahoe each summer for families with a Bladder Exstrophy member. My parents came up with
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As I’ve grown, I’ve continued to take on a greater role in the camp out’s success. During the camp out I help children with crafts, games, aid with food preparation and provide supervision. For the past two years, I’ve led a discussion group during the weekend for the girls with Bladder Exstrophy. The girls get to relate, talk, ask questions and be comfortable with others who have been through the Exstrophy experience. At the camp out itself, I always try to be outgoing and friendly to make sure all the children are welcomed, accepted, and part of the group. I help out with ANYTHING that’s needed. I try to keep in contact with many of the campers throughout the year as well and give them …show more content…
Several people in my situation sit at home daily and play video games or wallow in their misery and are depressed. They don’t understand how to accept this anomaly and embrace it. I want to help people with abnormalities grasp life has issues and those issues are there for a reason and all people deal with challenges. Through my own experiences I have learned it’s important to find out what you love to do and then do it, so you can enjoy life and be happy. I love volunteering at the camp out and look forward to seeing everyone each year. It’s always such a rewarding experience. I have faith in my good intentions and goals in life and hope you will find me to be your Prudential Spirit of Community Award

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