Sabre Garden Research Paper

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There are many different ways and things that everyone can to do help and serve the community. I had the privilege of helping in the Sabre Garden which had various different jobs for everyone to do and help participate in. The Sabre Garden is just one of the many things that helps the community in a great way. It also ties in with civic engagement and I felt like I made some progress with getting together with many other people and working together. The Sabre Garden is a community garden for anyone to help with and volunteer. The main way the garden helps the community is by growing fresh produce. All the fresh produce that the garden grows they give to the local food pantry. Most food pantries do not have fresh produce right from the garden, so this is a great way to give people who are shopping at the food pantry a chance to get fresh produce. While I was at the garden volunteering, I help to set up the weedwacker to trim around the plants in the garden. Also I help with pulling weeds in the garden. The garden is very beneficial to the local food pantry by providing all the fresh produce to them so others can enjoy it. …show more content…
The garden is addressing the issue of there not being enough fresh produce provided at the local food pantry. Us as individuals helping in the garden all came together to help make the garden a better place, we pick weeds, watered plants, and also picked the produce off of the plants. All of these things helped with the process of making it possible to donate the produce to the food pantry. When a person helps with a project like this is can make them feel very good and want to keep helping. It also brings people together to help serve the

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