Case Plan Marketing Activities

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BSBMKG414 Undertake marketing activities
Assessment Task 2: Plan marketing activities

In this assignment I would like to discusson BBQfun Company which locates in Australia.
BBQfun is one of the leading retailer for outdoor-lifestyle, with its two stores in Brisbane and Gold Cost, Australia. The company offer BBQ accessories and outdoor furniture products. It was established in 2009 which offered an extensive product range. It was also incorporated with both local and imported goods.According to competitive retail environment, change in technological and consumer behaviour and spending pattern had increased since 2010. The company was decided to improve its organization strength and more specific target markets.In the past, the company marketing
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Advertising could be done via signs, commercials, personal contact, brochures, emails, mails, etc. The product advertising plan may be varying depend on its essential factors such as types of product or target audiences.
• online information:
As the e- commerce is a 24/7 store that customers can access online store from everywhere, reduce operational cost and make the products more available for customers as it provides more time and places to buy. So, the BBQfun company had decided to implement an e-commerce strategy to increase market shares and customer satisfaction by offer all products via online store with no extra cost at existing store for store the products.
In relation to the company’s website. It shows less functionality for e – commerce. The website need to redevelop to web sales platform, improve capacity for increased deliveries and provide more training for operational staff.
• telephone
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It will benefit to the business in term of knowing on a new trend, competitor’s actions at the moment, chances to meet prospective customers or business partners which is essential for the business.
• development and distribution of samples, case studies, testimonials and other evidence of enterprise activity:
With product samples which is one of the most effective methods of direct marketing. It is a way to create an excitement feeling in customers and reproduce an experience for customer when they use the samples product at home. It is allowing the company to extend its promotion message as the customers need information and experience on that product when they have to make a decision between brands who offer same range of products
The company can use case studies to ensure the quality of products and services that they offered. It will give customers the confidence to trust products or services as it will lead the customers through the usage of products and services. It can reach a wider audience and reusable information. And in some situations, customers also use case study to solve their problems

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