Career Aspirations Of Nursing: My Career Path For Nursing

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When I first began to choose my career path, I was determined to become a Nurse and no other career was an option. I knew that there would always be jobs available in that particular field, and I thought that Nursing was where my main interest lied. As time grew near for me to make a decision I noticed that I was finding myself to be interested in other things in the health field, and doubt grew in my mind about pursuing a Nursing career. During orientation, I declared my major to be Public Health instead of Nursing. My career aspiration is to obtain a job within the Mecklenburg Health Department promoting health to members throughout the community.
After declaring a Public Health major, I was still unsure if this was the true fit for me. After going to my health classes and truly defining what Public Health is and is about, I know that this is what I want to do. Public Health is defined as the science and the art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and organized community efforts.
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This will give me the upper hand of knowing what I can do in health promotion. Volunteering serves is a great practice of one getting to fully understand their career’s purpose. Another intention I have until I graduate is to maintain my good studying skills, as well as habits. Studying can give me assistance in the sufficient grades that is needed to pass my classes, graduate, and graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree.
After I graduate, my intent is to get a job at a health clinic. I know that working at the health clinic I will gain a ton of experience with a variety of health issues. I will learn how to go about conducting certain programs for men’s and women’s health. Later, upon having a few years of experience under my belt. I hope to get a job with the Health Department working with larger health programs promoting

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