Cara Delevigne's Claim Analysis

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The claim made by Cara Delevigne can be summed up to say that kids are to free in the online world and it is causing cyber bullying to occur. Now let me tell you why that is incorrect. This claim is important because it shows a complete aspect of the population that think social media needs more restrictions. I have had personal encounters with cyber bullying I which I was being bullied, however, these encounters were easy to stop. The claim made by Delevigne is incorrect and cyber bullying can be stopped. Internet and social media access is a privilege that should be earned. If someone is not ready for what goes on in the social media world, there should be a parent/guardian to make sure they don't make any accounts or go on social media. A parent should be able to trust that their child will be doing the right thing on these websites. From the bully’s parents down to the parents of the person being bullied, they need to monitor there child's usage in this quickly evolving social media world. The child needs to be ready and prepared for what is out there when they press the sign up button, for making an account comes with a lot of responsibilities to protect themselves for what can happen online. Now the one thing that I can agree in Delevigne’s claim is that people need to talk face-to-face. The easiest way to prevent …show more content…
Someone on the side opposite of mine might argue that kids can't control what they receive online. However, there is a feature in all social media applications and websites called blocking. If there are people that are being mean or bullying you online, you can block them and all access and information of yours will be completely blocked off and they can not see anything about you. Also, as a precaution, you can make your account private meaning you decide who you let follow you. These are two very affective ways to make sure you are not bullied

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