Cyberbullying And Harassment In Schools

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Social media has become a new outlet for bullies to target innocent people behind the protection of a screen. Through social media individuals are now being able to have the ability to attack without even being physically present as well as being protected by a device. Bullying and harassment is an epidemic that has infiltrated and spread amongst schools across the nation. Sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have single handedly granted the option to continue the torture outside of school. Many schools do not have a proper policy set in place to deal with harassment and bullying that is formed online. Schools refuse to take action even when the victim is missing an abundance amount of class. The code of conduct excludes how to …show more content…
To them knowing that their goal is being accomplished is what drives them to continue the harassment and bullying. Anytime the bully sends a message take a screenshot to keep as evidence. It is crucial to have proof that documents what is being said and when it was said. Once all of this is collected the next step is to take it and show someone in authority at school to take direct action. If a police officer is stationed at a school a notification should be sent to that officer as well. Another action that should be taken is that all social media accounts should be deleted in order to separate oneself from the root of the issue. In Ryan’s case his saved messages was the thing that alerted his dad of what had happened to his son. Making sure people are aware of the situation is key so it is not being told falsely by someone else. A school counselor would also be beneficial to involve in the situation in order to help the bullied student deal with being targeted and harassed. The counselor has the ability to rearrange classes of both students to make sure no contact will be made between the two. By the school knowing what’s going on security officers will be on the lookout to make sure the victim is protected and the bullies action are monitored. All teachers should also be aware of the situation so each one can document if any more bullying is done on school grounds. The entire school should be in direct contact with the local police department to insure the safety and protection of all

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