Summary: The Importance Of Spyware

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Parents using spyware is a controversial topic. Parents can use spyware to safely monitor their children’s internet usage, which is important to their child’s safety on the internet. Parents can also use spyware to help their children understand the benefits and disadvantages of the internet.
The internet is a public place. Everything you put on the internet is going to be there forever, which means that when you’re using spyware and the child is aware of it they will be more aware on what they’re doing. “… The internet is not a safe haven of privacy?” Children should be more aware of what they do on the internet, because the internet is a public place. The article shows how parents should be more protective of theirs kids on the internet. Parents will protect their kids on the playground but not on the internet, the internet is a much more dangerous place than a playground so this does not make sense to me. People say some apps offer privacy by only showing your
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As a parent you should defend your child from bullies and online should be no exception. “… Do we just dismiss bullying on the internet and all it entails because we are entering difficult ethical ground?” You should be protecting your child on and offline from bullying. If parents are worried about their child being bullied on the playground why aren’t they worried about them getting bullied online? Parents can use spyware to help monitor these situations, and help possibly prevent the bullying from happening. People may say that if your child is more aware of what they’re posting and doing on the internet they won’t get bullied. Spyware is mostly beneficial to the user.
When parents are using spyware they are using the safest and most efficient tool in their disposal to keep their children safe online. Harlan Coben has made a clear statement in which parenting tools such as spyware is a necessary action for parents to take on their

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