The Negative Effects Of Cyberbullying Affects Our Society

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Anna Maria Chavez once said: "Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue." It is right to say that technology has improved many people 's lives and it has been making our society better in many ways. However, just like with many other great inventions, not everyone uses it for good, especially when it comes to communication tools such as instant messaging and social media, which leads to the bullying that takes place using electronic technology, Cyberbullying. The common forms of Cyberbullying are posting pictures of someone without their consent, spreading bad rumors through social media, commenting insults on their pictures/post, and sending rude messages, …show more content…
Thus, people should become not only aware more more empathetic on this subject so that it doesn 't become a bigger problem than it is, and children should be encouraged to talk about it. Also, parents should teach their children how to deal with such situations, and teach them how to be respectful to other, since in most cases, the family doesn 't know that their kid is being bullied or is bullying someone else: "The survey also uncovered that children want to talk to parents about the issue, but only 29 percent of kids say their parents have talked to them about protecting themselves online (...) with only 17 percent having communicated a clear set of rules for negative online behaviors" (Microsoft Corp). This survey shows how parents not only neglect the subject but they also do not set out rules for their kids, therefore, they have no idea of what their children are doing while "playing in the computer" or typing on their phones, which is one of the main reasons why Cyberbullying still is a huge problem in society. With that said, looking at the bigger picture, the problem probably is that "grown ups" don 't take this issue as serious as they shoulder, and their kids will continue to suffer until something is done about

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