Essay on Can We Trust Gmo?

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Can we trust GMO’s?

“All it takes is rumor...The danger itself is irrelevant. It 's the perception of danger we 're selling.” (Sharon Weil) Over the last few years there has been a heated debate that could affect human health but also what consumers buy. What is this debate about? Well it’s all about GMO’s and they affect they will have in the world. What are GMO’s? GMO stands for genetically modified food. Meaning “This technique is applied in the laboratory where genes that express the desired trait is physically moved or added to a new plant to enhance the trait in that plant. Plants produced with this technology are transgenic. Often, this process is performed on crops to produce insect or herbicide resistant plants, they are referred to as Genetically Modified Crops (GM crops).” (). So what 's the problem? Well the issue is that consumers what these products label because even though say they are “safe”, we are really not that sure. Also that consumers what to know. In this essay you will find evidence from both sides of the argument;however, the choice will be up to you. Do you believe that GMO are really such a good thing for this country or the world?

GMO provided food for countries who are suffering deeply. Mainly those in Southern Africa, where crops are really unable to grow. In fact “In developing countries food is getting cheaper because they use more and more technology, but in tropical Africa it is getting more expensive because it is all manually…

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