Essay Cadbury : Brand Loyalty And Customer Base

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Cadbury is one of the biggest and the most trusted brands that provide chocolates, foods and beverages to the customers. The aim of the company is to increase its profit, sales and customer base. It aims at providing tasty and healthy chocolates to its customers. To achieve the goals the company plans to fund the entre operations personally, franchise the stores and take up an option of joint venture. To analyze the strategic analysis by reviewing the current market performance it is essential to analyze the Swot analysis.
• One of the biggest strength of Cadbury is that it is a world leader in chocolates.
• It has a wide distribution channel due to which it has its presence in more than two hundred countries.
• The company has strong brand loyalty and customer loyalty. It has strong branding over the years that helps in attracting larger customer base (Hollensen 2015).
• It has strong marketing and advertising campaigns and also has an employee strength of 71,000 employees that helps in creating effective products that gains popularity all over the world.
• Cadbury faced downfall in the sale due to decline in quality and detection of worms.
• The other weakness is its rural distribution.
• It has an opportunity of diversifying its products.
• Increase customer base by penetrating in rural areas and market.
• Create strategies that lead to competitive advantage.
• Increase of cost of raw materials is the biggest threat.

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