Business Project About Danone Company Essay

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Almaty 2015

Executive summary
In our project, we are going to analyze the Danone Company’s structure. Firstly, we will briefly describe the current situation of the company. Then, will show the corporate governance, namely top managers and boards of directors. This paper consists on analyzing the business structure of Danone, one of the largest yogurt and other dairy products in the world. In the first part of this paper, we study which is the main activity of the company, we identify external and internal environment, main competitors and industry analysis. We also pay attention to the main stakeholders of the company, suppliers and customers.
Current situation Danone Company is a global company, which represented in 120 countries
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Danone is a special company who cares about the customers’ satisfaction and health. Therefore, company uses only fresh ingredients, modern technologies and facilities, in order to produce the high quality products. For Danone company is important to combine economic, social and environmental aspects. Its values are ethical principles the company is governed by in our everyday life, work, and relationships. Company’s values: openness, humanism, enthusiasm and proximity.
Offering everybody superb, characteristic nourishment that serves to manufacture wellbeing through the greater part of life's stages. Developing a taste for things that are beneficial for you. Bolstering youthful kids and defenseless individuals and additionally those healthy. Adjusting our items to all societies. Investigating what exploratory examination can bring to our every day diet. This is the escapade in which Danone has decided to take part. Our strategy includes: global presents, product range, a sustainable food chain and products available for everyone and everywhere. Danone is proceeding with its Development; quickly developing Land Foot shaped impression uncovers Another Worldwide Harmony. Danone has decided to center its business advancement on six need nations: Mexico, Indonesia, China, Russia, The United States, Brazil. Each of these nations has distinctive Social,

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