Business Model Of A Matrix Based Hierarchy Essay

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One way Kaplan (2006) advises to mitigate the dilemmas with the business models was to use more of a matrix-based hierarchy rather than relying on the conventional and tradition model. However, this led to new problems as there would often be conflicts between two people or managers at the same power level in said matrix structure. Per se, there was no single way to proceed without failing to meet the demands of at least one of the people involved. Further, the company must leverage and create a chance for an advancement to take advantage of market opportunities, which shifts from the factual to more theoretical and analytical approach. Otherwise, there is less of a focus on the financial and physical assets of a firm and more focus on working with the knowledge workers, research and development and information technology resources to help realize the opportunities which exists and meets the needs of customers in business market today (Kaplan, 2006). Further, Kaplan (2006) articulates a motion to present a question as to whether structural changes and organizational shake-ups are the best way to unlock the value in an organization and for a business to operate effective and efficient. Kaplan affirms, while a business may assume an organization needs a full restructuring, sometimes the restructuring may not be the proper solution. Even with all of the work relating to strategy maps and balanced scorecards, Kaplan (2006) discusses a business can do just fine from an…

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