Budweiser's 2015 'Lost Dog' Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

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In today’s society we are constantly being pulled and prodded towards new products that are being advertised to say that they will be beneficial to our lives. In the end, they really do not. The truth being we are persuaded though many different channels. Some of the channels that are used can be entirely nonverbal. The artifact that I chose is the Budweiser’s 2015 ‘Lost Dog’ Super Bowl Commercial Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWeKtqWc2EA. The commercial took us through many vicissitudes. The reason I choose this commercial is that it is one of the few commercials that takes you through emotional difficulties. The true complexity of this advertisement brings us to a state of being to where we can all relate. The travesty of the dog running away takes the viewers heart and then brings them some joy when the dog is safely brought home. The reason I am reviewing this is because I believe it could be even better. I believe that the viewer could become more involved in the process and would make them furthermore want to …show more content…
The use of pathos is the dog and the horse and their true love for one another. The commercial continue on to when the dog gets lost. The feeling of joy is established when we first see the dog it continues on to when the dog is found. The feeling a fear for when the dog is trapped by the coyotes. We find ourselves going through this emotional roller coaster in this commercial even though it is only 90 seconds. The pathos makes us feel for the dog and makes his care about it. When we think about the dog, we think about that beer company we also think about those iconic Clydesdales that make us think of Budweiser beer. When thinking about or talking about this commercial we think about the love we have for the dog and about the time that we almost lost our dog. This commercial relates to many Americans because at one point we too may have almost lost our

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