Brand Communities : A Brand Community Essay

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Definition of the term
A brand community is a community formed of social relations to a product or a brand. It’s is non-geographical and specialized, and includes customers (Muniz Jr. & O’guinn, 2001). These communities have become increasingly prevalent on the Internet, and integrate content and communication.

Customer communities are very effective tool to build brand loyalty and strong relationships between customer and company/brand (Allen, Yaeckel & Kania, 1998). The community is a personal interactivity, but through media, where the dialogue takes place both between customers and between customers and company/brand. Organisations use these communities to raise awareness of the brand, creating a two-way dialogue amid customers and customer-company. Also, the communities will provide firms insights of the consumers needs and wants.
The empowerment of customers
We all live in a socially embedded world characterized by social ties, and because of these connection, marketing messages can diffuse very quickly around the world. The customers who connect these network clusters are influential because their control over the transmission of information that derives from other groups (Lawrence, 2014).

Different communities were among the earliest users of the Internet. Initially, these forums were non-commercial and was frequently used for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, discussion of controversy, consultation and socialization (Allen, Yaeckel &…

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