Online And Social Media Case Study

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5. A sound working knowledge of the use of online and social media to communicate and market an organisation or community
My involvement with various community organisations has required me to create and effectively manage social media and online content. I develop and manage the Gawler and District College Foundation which has required me to create and effectively market to a diverse range of stakeholders. I have displayed this by marketing the foundation primarily through social media and somewhat through web publication. To effectively market the foundation through many mediums I had to identify the target audience and the language associated with the particular audience. The language that was to be used varies between the mediums
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Using the marketing training received by the Show Society I have successfully managed various pages at once. Constantly being contactable through such promotional pages ensures that stakeholders are consulted with as efficiently as possible. Whilst managing such pages I was required effectively promote the event by; managing and promoting competitions, promote events and businesses that were associated with the event, successfully acknowledge major sponsors, advertise performers and respond to queries weather negative or positive prior to and after the event.
I have also successfully marketed other community organisations, events and school based events for students. All of which have varied largely in the terms of target audience and relative content.
The outcome of my extensive experience in online communication and marketing has resulted in varying community organisations being successfully marketed to their target audience and has shown an increase in their brand recognition and decrease in marketing costs. Whilst utilising the flexibility of online and social media marketing I have adapted the media used, to suit the organisation which has resulted in a more accurate and effective marketing for the
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During which I investigated many websites including that offered such product. However, was not satisfied with their limited capabilities and began to explore the two main website coding languages of html and java script and undertook further study in design and publishing at a stage 2 level. Along with I assisting in the website design for Gawler and District College after it’s rebranding. My input and development meant that outcome was both businesses are now accurately and effectively represented on the

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