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5. A sound working knowledge of the use of online and social media to communicate and market an organisation or community
My involvement with various community organisations has required me to create and effectively manage social media and online content. I develop and manage the Gawler and District College Foundation which has required me to create and effectively market to a diverse range of stakeholders. I have displayed this by marketing the foundation primarily through social media and somewhat through web publication. To effectively market the foundation through many mediums I had to identify the target audience and the language associated with the particular audience. The language that was to be used varies between the mediums
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All of which have varied largely in the terms of target audience and relative content.
The outcome of my extensive experience in online communication and marketing has resulted in varying community organisations being successfully marketed to their target audience and has shown an increase in their brand recognition and decrease in marketing costs. Whilst utilising the flexibility of online and social media marketing I have adapted the media used, to suit the organisation which has resulted in a more accurate and effective marketing for the organisation.
By using efficient working knowledge of the use of social media and web publication it ensures that appropriate language and content which is to be displayed. The outcome of these effective practices promotes the organisation or community in and efficient manor increasing publicity and distrusting vital information. This ensures that all forms of media are utilised to their full
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Successful experience managing and promoting an event.
I have had much experience in managing and promoting a wide range of events. My involvement event management and promotion has included; several year 12 graduations and large whole school presentations, the Gawler and Royal Adelaide Show and large events within the Northern Adelaide State Secondary School Alliance (NASSSA), the Zonta Club of Gawler, Gawler and District College B-12 and the Gawler and District College Foundation.
An example is shown during my organisation of the 2014 NASSSA Youth Acton Team Leadership Expedition. With a focus on leadership, team building, character strengths and student leadership within a school environment I liaised with staff, students and the media prior to and during the event. As the leader of this committee I ensured that the team followed all established protocols during and in the lead up to the event to ensuring the event ran smoothly. I did this by openly communicating with staff and students across 12 sites and creating effective processes and protocols to ensure a smooth well-functioning and beneficial event. I also created all promotional material for the event distributing it to all 12 sites and over social media to encourage participation. The outcome of this was that the best possible learning and leadership environments were established by effective working relationships, allowing the event to run smoothly and that the event was effectively managed and

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