Essay about Boys and Girls Brains

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Most Universities offer classes for aspiring teachers in the theories behind education, classroom management, lesson plan writing and the history of education. All of these classes and subjects are relevant in their own rights but one class that isn’t often offered is the differences between boy and girl brain development and what that means to education. Even when a fetus is formed, there are biological differences happening from day one that will create either a boy or a girl and will determine numerous differences between them. This research is important and extremely relevant to understanding why boys are the way that they are and learn in the way that they do. Girls have traits that are tremendously different than
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The hippocampus is important in retention and connection-making in education. This area of the brain tends to be larger in females, resulting in larger memory storage.
• Amygdala – Boys often show signs of increased impulsive responses relating to aggression, and this could be connected to the fact that their amygdale tends to be larger. This small part of the brain processes emotions in regards to anger and fear. Researchers believe these emotions are “connected” to memories therefore when a memory is recalled, emotions can be conjured as well.
• Cerebral Cortex – This area of the brain is extremely important for recall, speaking and thinking. A female’s blood flow can be up to 20 percent higher than a male’s, therefore the connections (which is also higher in females) between neurons fires faster. This often leads to females being “faster on their feet.” In contrast, males have more neurons in this area of the brain but the speed of the connections is slower. Females have more neuropil, making the process for cell to cell communication easier and more efficient (Courten-Myers 2001, as cited at http://www.brainconnection. com/content/91_1).
• Cerebellum – When boys move more, they tend to learn more. This is due to their cerebellum being larger than females, allowing their brains to speak to their bodies faster and more often. The Cerebellum is the “movement” area of the brain, firing impulses to the body to tell it to move. When the

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