Blue Valley Multi Service Center Case Study

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For the purpose of this assignment, I chose Blue Valley Multi Service Center which is located here in Overland Park, KS. Overland Park is about 40 minutes southwest of Downtown Kansas City. It is part of Johnson County which is a fairly large county. The county itself is drastically different from the KC Metro area because it is known to be a very affluent area, especially the south half of Johnson county. Overland Park itself is one of the highest priced living areas. I chose this location one, because I live here in Overland Park, and two, because I was interested to see what resources are available to this county considering the average income and home prices. From the outside it would appear as though this area is pristine and as though there are no individuals struggling with any kind of social issues. I know that every area has individuals that struggle, regardless of how pristine and perfect it may look. Blue Valley Multi Service Center was one of the only local resources that I could find in Overland Park, besides resources affiliated with churches. I hope to stay in this area after graduation and so I knew that it was essential, especially as a recent transplant to become familiar with what is available in …show more content…
The most popular service is their large food bank. They benefit from a huge amount of local donations from school food drives and from local businesses like Costco. Clients also have the opportunity to get financial assistance for paying utility bills like water, electric and gas bills. Rent assistance is also a service. They also have connections to help individuals who can’t afford necessary medicine. They also have a large library of resources for services that they can’t offer. Beth works to help individuals get in contact with people who work at agencies that specialize in domestic violence shelters homeless shelters, employment services and

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