Rock Bay Community Analysis

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Social Supports and Networks
In communities with low economic status, such as Rock Bay, resources are required (Stamler & Yiu, 2015). Some resources that would benefit Rock Bay are low-income housing, health clinics and improving food access. Rock Bay has been stereotyped as an undesirable neighborhood. This does not promote social inclusion that residents need to thrive and participate in the community (Stamler & Yiu, 2015). Rock Bay has some services and organizations that are combating this problem. The Cool Aid society has a center located in the heart of Rock Bay that provides housing for those who would otherwise be living on the streets. Additionally, the Aboriginal Friendship Center is located in Rock Bay. This is a place of acceptance
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28). The type of business development within Rock Bay will determine the education requirements needed to fill these employment opportunities. Rock Bay contains many parking lots, small businesses, and industrial buildings (City of Victoria, 2011, p. 27). According to the City of Victoria (2009), the highest percentage of education in Rock Bay lies within the field of business and public administration, with the second largest being engineering and architecture. Observations of Rock Bay during our assessment revealed that the community thrives on businesses and the services the businesses provide. Based on the current industrial status and employment expansion goals of Rock Bay, the developmental plan coincides with the community’s educational …show more content…
Rock Bay faces unique challenges and risks as it transitions and begins to develop over the upcoming years. Issues identified by our group for the Rock Bay community are the lack of social supports and primary care for the homeless population as well as uncertainty of the community’s future. Rock Bay is a bowl sloping from every compass point toward the harbor, creating luxurious views that developers want to capitalize on. It has the potential to become part of the downtown Victoria core through urbanization and gentrification. The downtown core area plan for the city of Victoria provides a vision for the transformation of the Rock Bay into a unique urban employment district with a focus on new technology and green infrastructure (City of Victoria, 2016; Miller,

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