Essay on Big Planet Is A Game

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Little Big Planet is a game unlike any other. It is a game that will draw you into its placid, little world, and keep you playing until you haven’t realized that hours have gone by. It has many quirks, twists, and turns, and will keep you and your friends laughing and having fun until the very end.
The Good
• Extremely creative and not like any other game
• Very customizable
• Beautiful graphics and gaming scenery
• Entertaining game play
• Great background story
The Bad
• Occasionally glitches
• Lagging online play
• Multiplayer sometimes required
So, let us dive on in the world of Little Big Planet and take a look around.
The first thing you will notice about Little Big Planet is that it is unlike any other puzzle platformer game you have ever played before. Your character is a “Sackperson”, which as the name suggest, looks like a kind of sock monkey. Your character is fully customizable with a wide array of options right out of the starting gate. Your job is to complete each level and collect stickers and challenge keys that are hidden throughout. Each sticker rewards you with either more customizable options for your character or your “pod”, which you can consider your home. Each level on Little Big Planet is based in a different part of the world, so essentially the game helps you travel through places like Asia, India, Africa, North America, and South America. Unlike most other platforming games, this one isn’t over when you finish the 50 levels in the story…

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