Video Game Reflection

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Back in September we got told about our I.B. project and were given some example ideas. None of them seemed appealing to me, and I thought about what to do, I had so many ideas of what to do and found the one that best suited me which was to create a video game and have people play it around the world. I knew video games from the back of my mind so to create my very own video game and have people play it would be outstanding. Although it did have a flaw, I had no experience in making video games. I had a general idea of what to do but not enough to get me far. I did my research and began my creation on a video game. The goal of my project was to create a video game and have people internationally play my game and get results back, I went through …show more content…
After doing this I repeated the process by making levels for my game that the player can get to. My game soon was coming to a close and it was complete!... well almost. I started to get a bit angered with my game because I was making human errors but I like to blame it on the computer.

The main thing I learned through this long hard process of creating a video game was, even some things look easy and seems fun there not, it took hard work and dedication just to make the simplelist game but I was happy with the results that I got in the end. I also found out that the creations that we all make are gonna impact other people which was my plan, to impact people
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It showed me that there are people out there that enjoy your creations and are willing to support you through all the other creations that are yet to come.
Although it wasn 't the easy road I did encounter many errors which were messing up on almost every script which was time consuming, when creating a level move something without me wanting to which lead to more time fixing things, and having the basic knowledge. Although I did have people help me with my game they gave me tips and suggestions and with this carried on to finish my game.
However in the end, I finished mt essay and the video game that I made was published to the website, Newgrounds. I managed to get the work that was needed to get done in the time that I had been supplied and I’m happy to say with all the progress I did with this project, I hope that the people who play my game see all the progress and it impacts them to create there very own game so that they can impact people. I did enjoy doing this project and do hope that I

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