Reflection Paper On English 110

Final Essay
If I was to talk about English 110, I would say that I have learned a lot throughout this semester. There were many struggles I have faced, but overall it was a fun class to be in.
When I first came into this classroom, I felt it was going to be useless because I already took English 110 and English 111 in high school. The reason was because I got the opportunity to study English 110 and 111 due to my grades. What made me have to take this class again in college is because I wasn’t planning to go to ICC, so I didn’t pay for it as a credit. What took me by surprise is that this semester of English was quite challenging but also fun at the same time.
With my first project, I was very proud of my end result. I loved it because the
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For project two, we did report on commercial or ad. I did the same project when I took English 110 in high school. What I learned about doing this project twice is that every time it’s different. The first time I did this project, I didn’t use many descriptive or right terms to describe commercial or ads. The second time doing this project have made me see the work that it puts into writing a commercial or creating an ad. This experience made me realize the physiological and smart ways and ideas of getting customers to buy products. I really enjoy advertising and promoting within business and I feel knowing all the logical fallacies can definitely help me with promoting brands. With the logical fallacies, I also feel I would listen more carefully to what the commercial said in order to not be tricked. The whole Idea of report can benefit me in many ways. To be able to exam a subject and know how to fix it or explain it is very important concept. This can benefit our daily life in problem solving. The idea of getting writing a report from a commercial was very fun overall. It’s interesting to see that this class have definitely taught me to improve and learn new writing styles.
The third project was research paper. This project I have struggled the most. At the beginning of this project, I thought I had a clear view of what my project was going to be, but later on I was very lost. I felt If I was to pick a different

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