Benefits of Waking Up Early Essay

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Benefits of Waking Up Early

Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy as well as wise. And that is not merely an age-old saying. It works in daily life too. Read on to know how.
1. Time to Exercise
Waking up early gives you the time to exercise. You can easily go for a jog, do a few laps in the pool, practice yoga or hit the gym with plenty of time at hand.
2. Time to Meditate
There is nothing like beginning the day with a dose of meditation. It will help calm your mind and sharpen your reflexes to keep you going through your busy schedule of work.
3. Experience the Charm of Early Morning
Only an early morning person knows the charm and serenity that those hours offer. The silence, the birds chirping, the absence
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Late risers lack the advantage of time for this.
10. Better Finances
Improved health, enhanced productivity and ameliorated energy can only result in one thing – a higher rate of success. And when this happens in your career, can financial triumph be far behind? So, rise early to kickstart a really great way of doing well in the professional sphere as well.
The benefits of waking up early are myriad. It doesn’t take much to change your lifestyle to avail these benefits. After all, personal and professional well-being, and ultimate success are what everyone seeks. So, why not adopt a healthier way of living and reap those benefits?

1. Commit to your denims
It’s impossible to go wrong with your favourite pair of denims. “ A well- fitting pair is a great investment for any guy. The more washed- out and rugged, the better the style statement,” says second year DU student Karan Gandhi. To try something different, you can fold the ends of your boot- cut denims or opt for a pair of skinnies to get that just out- of- school look. However, stick to the basics — no embellishments and no tricks.

2. Coloured trousers
Coloured trousers are slowly getting as popular as the good old blue and grey denims as the freshers’ preferred choice for day one in DU. They add some fun and spunk to your personal style and make you stand apart.“ Coloured pants look really cool, though one shouldn’t go

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