Why Early School Should Start Later

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Early School Start Times Endanger Teens
Megan is a 16 year old girl that is a sophomore in high school. Megan normally does not get to sleep until about 10:30 p.m. each night. Often times she has to choose whether to do homework or get some sleep for the night. If school start times were pushed back just a few minutes more, maybe it could be easier for teens like Megan to wake up in the morning. Early school start times affect teenagers across the globe. Teens are not getting enough sleep which is damaging their mental health. However, later start times interfere with other schedules throughout the day and becomes a problem for after school activities. School should start later because waking up so early causes teenagers to always be fatigued, puts new teenage drivers in danger, and causes disease and disorders.
Early school
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New teen drivers can be put in danger because fatigued teens can fall asleep at the wheel. Dr. Barbara Phillips from the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine states, “Younger, inexperienced drivers don’t fare well with additional handicaps caused by having to get up earlier than is natural for them” (qtd in Holohan 2). When teens have to wake up at an earlier time than normal, of course they are going to be tired. Having so much fatigue can affect students in school and when they are driving. Being alert is the most important in school and when driving. If teens get enough sleep for the night, teens would be much more alert and will work harder in school. (Morin 2). Alertness is also very important while driving, especially for new drivers. If teenagers are not alert because of sleep deprivation, the consequences can be fatal. If teens do get enough sleep at night, they can become better drivers and better students in school. Early school start times put teens in so much danger because they can end up falling asleep at the wheel and can take lives of

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