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“Beep Beep Beep!!” imagine hearing this at 5 or 6 in the morning well most middle and high school kids have too. I believe that the starting time for school should be pushed back later in the morning. In the article entitled “ Should School Start Later?” also the short video “ Should Students Start School Later in the Morning? Also a infographic ” Schools should start later because students need more sleep. In source #1 Should Schools Start Later? In the text it states,”40% of High schools start before 8 am and 20% of middle schools start at 7:45 or earlier”! Research has shown that is school started just a little bit earlier that students were more awake and alert and do better academically too. 59% of 6th through 8th grade and 87% high school students …show more content…
That is because students have to get up so early for school and do their daily routine and that is tiring on the body. This gives even more reasons why school should push the starting time later for school.
On the other hand schools should not push back a later time for school. If they were to then is would also disturb the buses because in Arundel the bus schedule was that high school would be dropped of and then middle school and then elementary as you can see there is no room for schools to be pushed back. Also it would have to spend additional money on buses like 8 million dollars. In addition students should not go to bed so later then they would not have a problem with waking up early and would get the recommended hours of sleep.
In conclusion, schools should push back starting time.Then is would help so so much. This would help a lot of students get a better understanding and education for be alert and getting that extra sleep that they really need. You can start by being the one who stands up to your school and say that school should start later in the morning which would help you and your fellow class and school

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