Essay on Benefits Of Using Computers Out Weight The Bad Ones?

1632 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
Computers are something that people use every day without really thinking much about it. As computers become more advanced it keeps on making our lives, even easier, but is that a good thing? In some ways computers are very helpful, thanks to computers kids in school have better opportunities to learn things much easier than their parents did. Hospital care has also improved thanks to computers. Computers have also made the workplace much easier to work at. But do all the benefits of using Computers out weight the bad ones? There are many benefits of using Computers in the classroom, especially since students are growing up in a place filled up with computers, smartphones, and tablets. Students can use a computers to research and create work. There are a large variety of programs available that can help students create engaging papers, presentations, and graphics. Before computers were common in the classroom, teachers would have to stand up in front of the room and talk endlessly about a subject. Now a teacher with a computers and a projector can show the students videos, images, and text that are interesting and relevant to what she/he are teaching. For example if a teacher wanted to teach about the water cycle. Instead of having students read about the water cycle and lecturing about it for a period, the teacher can show a video of the water cycle in action and work with the class to play an interactive game about the steps in the cycle. Another advantage of using…

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