Benefits Of Diversity Within The Workplace Essay

704 Words Aug 26th, 2015 3 Pages
Just as there are advantages which come with diversity, there may be disadvantages as well, and implications for managers. The first disadvantage of diversity, is that communication encompasses a wide variety of communication challenges. These could include skills,traditions,background, experiences, outlooks, languages, which could all affect communication in the workplace (Bovee, Thill 2008). This can cause tensions in the organisation, and thus can cause an undesired environment in the organisation. Organisations face the challenge with employees, community and moving the organisation forward. Managers have to make sure that the employees are motivated and creating harmony, while at the same time meeting the needs of customers and meeting the organisations goals and expectations. In addition, (Ephraim,Melvin 2012) managers could be found with negatives to the fact of personal and work flow, as we 'll as negative behaviours that are ‘barriers to effective organisational diversity’ (Ephraim,Melvin 2012). Organisations that don’t put diversity in first place are more prone to negative environment, also lowered morale. Therefore, to be effective in interacting in a diverse culture, organisations must be sensitive to understanding, appreciating, and respecting human and other differences, which make up their organisations. Examples of such communication barriers, are not recognising an employees cultural needs (maybe some don’t eat meat). Or giving women an opportunity to…

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