Benefits Of College For College Essay

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Benefits of College Some students in college say they go to be able to make more money in the future. Many people attend community colleges to achieve an associate degree. It is true that individuals who achieve a two or four-year degree have better opportunities than one with a high school degree. Achieving an associate degree is a way to put he or she straight into the workforce with a better pay, when finishing the two-year degree program. Dr. John Dever believes, “Reality is that the pathway through higher education is no longer a linear sequence confined to the period of four to six years just after high school.” In addition to the promise of high salary, college offers a myriad of benefits to students who participate in the academic experience. One benefit of attending college is he or she will be prepared to live in a world of diversity. Students attending college come from all over the world. Some people believe that they can receive a better education in America. In community colleges one may sit in the same class with people of different ages old and young. In college people have different cultures and individuals get to see how others live. Living in a different environment an individual will learn to respect others cultures and differences. Diversity in college is good because one will get to experience and interact with different cultures. A benefit of attending a community college is that is it very flexible. Students gets to set up their own schedule and…

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