Essay about Being A Peak Performer Is Making

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To me, being a peak performer is making sure that you do and learn whatever possible to make sure that you succeed in whatever you want to accomplish in life. When trying to accomplish a goal, you will encounter many obstacles and the way you deal with the situation will determine if you are a peak performer or not. Choosing to just simply give up when things becoming challenging is not a characteristic of a peak performer. As stated by Bethel University (2013, page 6),"They are not perfect or successful overnight. They learn to face their fear of making mistakes and working through them." Taking control of your life and becoming a life-long learning will help you to develop the skills to become a peak performer. Evaluating yourself and not being afraid to challenge yourself will help you to accomplish any goal that you have. You can 't be afraid to put forth the effort and do the work in order to get what you want. Nothing in life worth having will be easy and it 's up to you to face the challenge head on.

To self-assess myself, I would take the time to determine my strengths and weaknesses. Not being afraid to admit to my weaknesses and working on ways to strengthen them will not only help me with my personal life but also my professional life. Not too long ago, some things were going wrong in my personal life and I was tired of going through the same situation over and over again. After I assessed myself and decided to make better choices for myself and realized that I…

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