Bazinga Fries And The Fast Food Industry Essay

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I. Introduction

Bazinga Fries is in the fast food business, specializing in offering customers more healthy food choices. Bazinga Fries is a well known establishment in the community around University of Chicago, Purdue University and North Western University, having more than 110 employees providing excellent quality and service to the customers. Bazinga Fries plans to be a part of 191.03bn (Fast Food Industry - Statistics and Facts) fast food restaurant industry by opening 3 more eatery chains around major cities in the US within next .
Bazinga Fries are mainly located near universities and business offices. Our target market are college students and workforce industry. Our employees are mostly college students in the three eateries and head office. We offer them better opportunities by providing them real world work experience and help them build a resume for better future. Bazinga Fries has recognized the customer need of food delivery and offers free deliveries to the customers within 10 mile radius. This has given us an edge above our competitors as most of the students prefer delivery to dormitories.
Bazinga Fries currently has 50 employees working at the head offices. We have a CEO, CFO, HR department, Branch Managers, a team of sales and marketing, and finance team working on the paper work from the three eateries. We also have a team of three, supporting the website and technical difficulties faced by the employees at the three eateries. We have 20…

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