Essay on Ban Cell Phone Use During School Days

807 Words Mar 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Schools, under high schools, should have the right to ban cell phone use during the school days because of less concentration, less physical communication, and less patience. Cell phone is the easiest access item of distraction from learning in a class. Since cell phone is small and able to play without any noise, students would use for unrelated subject in a class. Especially if you are not interested in a subject, you want to avoid listening a lecture and do something else instead. Then, cell phone is the best item for you. You might play games while you are listening a lecture. Also it might be a way of cheating on a test. If schools would allow students to use cell phone without any limited rule, they have no way to protect their security from cheating by high technologies. Even if you got a good grade because of cheating, it doesn’t mean you got a knowledge of a subject. It decreases opportunity for a real communication in person. Since we are born, we start communicating, even though our communication styles are changing year by year. We have many other way to deliver our messages such an email, call, text, and letter. In another words, speaking in person is not the only way for communication. Even though, real communication is still necessary for human. In fact, we have many free time to use cell phone and laptop at home, we don’t need to use cell phone while you are in schools. Also, we have less chance of physical socialize because an evolution of…

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