Madison Leek: A Personal Analysis

I am Madison Leek I was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. I come from a smaller family; I have two parents that are the best two people to raise children. I am the baby of my family; I have one older sister, who has taught me so much about determination and strength through starting and running her own business. My parents were active in my learning as a child, which only encouraged me more in schooling and education. My mother was an active PTA member and often was a Room Mom and my father was part of RAD (Reading and Dads) where fathers would take classes to the story well during reading time and read to them. My parents being such compassionate individuals who constantly put others before themselves gave me the opportunity to do …show more content…
I have been granted the opportunity to work with students from title one schools as well as students who attend affluent schools. The students that I have had the chance to work with have had such a wide range of needs from students who do not speak English, to students with reading difficulties, to students who are gifted. Each of the students have taught me the importance of teaching to each and every student and being flexible in my teaching. Through my education that I have received at Ozark’s Technical Community College and Drury University, I have been able to reach educational goals that I have set for myself. In the goals I have created for myself and worked very hard to maintain, I am most proud of being on the deans list at both Drury University and Ozark’s Technical Community College and also maintaining a nearly 4.0 GPA while attending each school and working part time.
My experiences in methods courses as well as in practicums have helped to prepare me for my student teaching and shown me the importance in teaching to the student while keeping the subjects needs also in mind and have also taught me the importance in classroom management and scaffolding your teaching for students. I hope for my student teaching experience to allow me more room to grow as an educator as well as a person and
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Many of my practicums have been in this age range and I thoroughly enjoy the learning process and the excitement of learning in students at those grades. I hope to be happily graduated and teaching in my first school elementary school after the Spring Semester of 2016. I hope to be a teacher that entices and excites students about learning each subject. I hope in five years I am teaching in my own classroom with a master’s degree in education and remain a life long learner with students who have a passion for learning as much as I

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