Attending College Or A University Essay

700 Words Nov 7th, 2016 3 Pages
When in high school I always knew what was next, and that was to attend college or a university. I never thought about taking a year break or going to community college, but once I was in college I started to rethink my plan. Looking back the only option I saw was college and that was it. I felt the pressure from my teachers at the time and my parents to immediately go on to higher education. Attending college for many students is the only option because you are told by your parents that is the only way to get a good paying job and a successful life. But what about the other students who can’t afford college, or students who think college isn’t for them? Sometimes college isn’t their path in life and that should be okay. Community college can sometimes be better and students not felt as pressured as attending a college. I believe that going to college right after high school shouldn’t be a focus. Going to college isn’t the only route.
When in the senior year of high school, you start to apply and it has seen has the only option “nearly two-thirds of all American teens say parents put “a great deal” of pressure”. When attending college, teenagers shouldn’t have to feel the pressure to go. Reasons some feel the pressure is because parents pressure them and it is the only way to get a job. Many parents agree and want all their kids to attend college right after high school putting a lot of pressure on the kids to successed and not fail.
Some people argue against taking a…

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