Essay on Assignment : A Guide On College Writing

1591 Words Mar 11th, 2015 7 Pages
Vinish Varghese
Ms. Patricia Raburn
Eng 1001
11 March 2015.
Eng1001: A guide to College Writing
Academic writing in America is different from what I have done in my home country. College writing has a specific set of rules and formats which are required to follow religiously. Assignments and homework procure lower grades when not written accordingly. In India, English classes were more comprehensive and the only set of rules we followed were the indent and margins without having a work cited page. Through my English 1001 class this quarter I have gained more knowledge and confidence required to compose essays, analyzing articles and synthesizing ideas to come up with a new idea of my own. Although I enjoyed closed prose form writing all my schooling life, academic writing in America initially got me frustrated and often experienced some bad instances of writer’s block. English 1001 class not only helped me in developing the required writing skills but also created a strong base which would come in aid while taking higher level English courses in future.
I remember the initial few weeks of class when I was having problems expressing my thoughts on to paper. Although uncomfortable at first I gradually caught up with the pace our instructor had set up for us. During the first few weeks our instructor conducted many grammar exercises such as dependent and independent clause which seemed irrelevant at that point of time, I as a student was looking for something challenging and…

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