Analytical Essay On Renaissance Art

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Analytical Essay on the Renaissance Art
During the Renaissance period painters had the desire to demonstrate art that showed happiness in the human form that depicted the beauty in life’s pleasures. Renaissance art is very realistic compared to the art of the Middle Ages. Throughout the Middle Ages, art remained more religious. Renaissance artist perceived art in many different ways. For example, they would study how the way things look when they were nearby an object or from at a distance. The artist of these times made it obvious by displaying the two differences in their paintings. Many artists during this era painted religious paintings, but they were not the same. While the middle Ages, primarily focus on religious themes, the Renaissance
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Leonardo reveals the linear perspective in addition to chiaroscuro. In this painting, the disciples are painted three-dimensional and the gesture of the figures are exactly how the artist want it. Also, there is light coming from three windows on the end of the wall. Through the windows you can see a gorgeous landscape. In the background you can see a dull color that’s slightly dark. This is called aerial perspective and kind of reminds me of when I was on a trip in the mountains looking out my little cabin window out into the far mountains. It’s seems so far away that it appears to be an illusion. I admire his sense of depth because it makes it so interesting behind what he is trying to display. Throughout that era when religious paintings were primarily dominated by the Middle Ages, you had Leonardo who had a desire to paint bold, fresh, and dynamic things. Which lead to the standard of the 16th century. Furthermore, Leonardo was an artist who changed how other artist viewed things, because of his very own philosophy. He was an artist that took it further by not only looking at perspective, but he looking at the laws of nature, and his drawings can confirm

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