Tintoretto The Last Supper Analysis

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Mixing the colors of Titian and sketches of the great Michelangelo, Tintoretto brought an awe inspiring new air to the art of the Renaissance with his innovative ideas combined with the works of older Renaissance masters. He created many works over the course of his lifetime, and through those works Tintoretto portrayed some of the most prominent themes in the fine arts of the Renaissance. With outstanding contrast and color usage mixed with an amazing skill in creating accurate and realistic figures, he was a very successful painter of his time. His skill is shown especially in his later work, The Last Supper, and in the massive Paradise. Tintoretto’s use of steep perspective and dramatic lighting highlight the realism and anatomy in his …show more content…
The dimensions of this project were 12 feet by 18 feet 8 inches. It was painted on a canvas with oil paints for the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. This piece uses Tintoretto’s idea of having figures appear to be rotating around an axis point, seen in the wispy angels at the top of the canvas. Jesus’s disciples appear to be indifferent to him and take no notice of the ghostly angels above. The painting shows a dominant characteristic of Tintoretto’s, the recession of the table cutting the picture and creating an illusion of rapid spatial movement (Adams 374). This use of dramatic perspective was mixed with the unusual artistic device of the ‘exploding center’ (Murray et al 608). The focal point of this image, Jesus and his halo, appear as a sort of explosion in the receding calmness of the rest of the image. The painting is dominated by darkness, the lightest point being Jesus at the side of the food-filled table. He is accompanied by his disciples at the table, and by ordinary people at the right bottom corner. The scene takes place in a low ceilinged room with tiles on the floor, a fire lamp illuminating the image. The painting is mostly engulfed in darkness, with dramatic bright areas marking focal points of the image. Geometric arrangement is viewable in the small clustering of

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