Essay on Argumentative Esssay

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Jeremy Franz
Professor Cruz
Freshman English 1
17 Nov. 2015
Teenagers Using Birth Control Birth control is highly discussed topic across all age demographics. It has been debated on both sides for years and it’s sparked a lot of controversy recently. The term birth control covers a wide variety of contraceptives, from simple condoms to something more complex such as a small plastic bar that is implanted under a woman’s skin. Birth control has become very popular among teenagers due to its exceedingly high percentage for success. While none of the birth control options offer a 100 percent success rate, nearly all are in the upper 90s. Since most of the options use some form of contraceptive, there are arguments for allowing
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“The proportion of unmarried women using some form of contraception increased from 44% to 57% between 1982 (when data first became available) and 2002 (Kaye, Gootman, Stewart & Finley, 9).” The teenage years are a very vulnerable time for everyone as they are at a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections as well. Proper condom use and practice prevents thousands of teens from suffering or even dying of a sexually transmitted infection. Teenagers need to be properly educated on the different forms of birth control, how to use them properly, as well as where to obtain each method. In addition to a high risk of pregnancy, teenagers are also at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. While teenagers only account for a small percentage of the sexually active population, they account for a much higher percentage of new sexually transmitted infections. As much as a quarter of sexually active teens contract an infection every year. Perhaps the most dangerous fact about teens and STIs is that most of them don’t even know they have it. Very few teenagers get tested for sexually transmitted infections which can lead to more and more teens passing the infections on to their partners. Birth control becomes a necessity when a large percentage of the teen population has contracted an STI. Some people believe that abstinence is the only birth control needed. This has proven over and over to

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