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Failure is the step towards success. Do you agree?

It is often assumed that failure is a deterrent to achievement. Rather, failure should be seen as a motivator for a person to keep trying until the objective or aim of a particular mission is fulfilled. Failure often times leads a person to feel helpless, disappointed and depressed. However,one should not allow this to set them back in trying to achieve the ultimate aim one has set out to do. Failure in the beginning can often be a powerful incentive to reassess one’s position in wanting to achieve the particular aims; to analyse whether the purpose is worth the trouble the person has to undergo and the whether the obstacles are surmountable. Practical and
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We cannot leave this matter as we are dreaded to see that students are working instead of studying in the future. They have the whole adult life to work and we do not want to see them work very hard as they are qualified to have better careers in the future. A student should not take on a part-time job because it will disturb their routine as students, they will be distracted with extra money and freedom earned and they should be involved in school activities. First, working will disturb their routine as students. They have a lot of homework to do rather than working outside. In addition of school homework, there is tuition they have to attend. By working, they are most likely to skip their classes if their shifts overlap their schedules. Furthermore, they will not have enough time to study. As a part-time worker, their schedules are not regular and well organized. Some of them will work till late at night and neglect their studies as well. When they are at school, they will most likely to fall asleep and cannot pay attention in class. It also affects their performance in other activities at school. In addition, it will lead to the decline of their grades. They will have no time to revise their learning to prepare for examination. It causes their grades fall down badly and leads to depression. Worst of all is when they are giving up in their studies and decide to work as their

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