Argumentative Essay

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Career Cluster When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a massage therapist. I liked helping relieve stress in peoples shoulders even when they did not know it was there. I knew that it made good money and as I was aware, that was I was suppose to strive for. My parents made adequate money doing things that helped people, and I wanted to do that while even making more. As my years passed on, I had a very strong interest in photography. I was warned that I may not make as much as an artist and maybe not even enough to survive, but I felt a passion just to find that it was a flame with no ember. After realizing that maybe money shouldn’t be a major focus, I switched my mental focus to social work. In this field, I could help tremendous …show more content…
Segmenting students off into these clusters also restrict social growth. When I asking my best friends sister, Erika, who is currently participating in this system, she listed the program as one of her least favorite parts of high school. She states that the middle school she attended was already small enough and now she does not have any classes with her friends. There are, in fact very few students she does have class with. She is only ever able to connect and learn with other members of her career cluster, which I feel could be limiting; each student will only be hearing opinions of a small group of others. I found in many different instances that I learn the most from people who think differently than me. I understand that career clusters are in place to get students into a more career-oriented mindset, but how is a person supposed to know what career path they wish to take at the young age that these students are started at? Career clusters are turning my alma mater into a technical school even though there are area high schools that do serve as technical schools. Technical schools are put in place separately and deliberately for people who are fairly certain that they know what they want to be doing with the rest of their lives. My school is also apart of a system of other area high schools that offered programs for health careers, automotive technology, cosmetology, and other more focused paths.

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