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Argumentative Essay 5
I should have focused more on my grades this year. By attending many social events, waiting until the last minute to complete work, and refusing to study my grades began to drop. I feel that if I would have put more effort into my school work I would have achieved the grades I am capable of getting. By hanging out with friends and putting off work my grades gradually began to drop. Your senior year is not the year to slack off in; it would have better prepared me for college and set the tone for how I should work if I had just put in the effort necessary to achieve outstanding grades. When in college I cannot make this same mistake; all of my dreams of obtaining a decent job after college could be ruined.
If I had
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A majority of the student body would agree that those who study and prepare themselves for tests and quizzes receive higher grades than those who don’t. Tests and quizzes are the most weighted grades and if you don’t do well on them then it is impossible to achieve the grade you want. The reason I don’t study is because I think that I can still do well without doing it, but this year has showed me I can’t. In college I will develop better study habits to ensure that I am prepared for the tests and quizzes. I know that college is going to be a lot more difficult than high school which is why I need to change now.
At Randolph College I will find out how much studying for tests and quizzes, putting my school work before my friends, and not waiting until the last minute to complete work will positively affect my grade. My grades this semester were a wakeup call to me. Getting these grades were a good thing for me; I needed to be aware of what I have been doing wrong. Seeing it now is better than learning it in college after I flunk out. I will put these new methods of achieving better grades into use at

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