Argumentative Essay: Why People Kill People

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People Kill People
The day was almost over and students were puzzled because the fire alarm started going off. Some students headed out as if it were a drill, but their excitement to get out of class was suddenly interrupted by a burst of gunfire. It soon became clear there was a killer in their school and their lives were in danger. As they ran, defenseless, they witnessed a boy armed with a deadly weapon kill 17 of his classmates that day. America was founded on various principals. Many different freedoms were granted, and the government said it will always stay that way, but officials who get elected into office keep trying to take away some of these freedoms due to the terrible individuals who mal practice our right. The right to bear
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The reason for the decline was not because there were laws in place restricting guns, it was the funding for police and FBI in the areas of most violence. During the Bush Administration, there were 100,000 addition policemen were put in the streets. The police added protection to the communities and the criminals know police know how to use their guns, unlike some people who have never shot the gun they own. This touches on the rebuttal, questioning the credibility of authority, because many people question the motivation of police officers but they fail to bring up their skilled training, and help towards society, with guns. But, when those in power want to take away guns, it makes people want to rebel and use their guns even more. The way to go about gun violence is not by placing a bunch of strict rules and taking things away, but instead by doing something to deter criminals and diminish crime, like adding 100,000 police officers. The saying many people make fun of is “put your guns down so we can shoot you.” This simply will not work. The criminals will become way more confident and bold if the people have their guns taken away. Some people have a lack of understanding with this. This highlights the rebuttal of them denying the truth the data shows. We have the right to bear arms, period. That is stated in the second amendment which was ratified in 1791. The amendment should apply to the people of America forever. America is about freedom, and the people are granted that freedom by living

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