Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

America’s culture has been centered around gay rights for the past twenty years. In February 2004 President George Bush called for Congress to pass a constitutional amendment stating that marriage is the union between one man and one woman, and that states be limited to defining legal arrangements other than marriage. Congress and the press debated this amendment for two years. In 2006 the marriage amendment failed to pass. Our most recent President Barack Obama is a proud opposer of gay marriage as a Senator. There are also former presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton and John Edwards who also oppose same-sex marriage. Recently, same-sex marriage has been legalized causing a lot of controversy across the United States. This issue …show more content…
Love is an irreplaceable emotion that fuels life for most people. The longing to find someone to overcome all obstacles life throws at them. A person to stand by their side through everything no matter what issue attempts to drive itself between the two partners, but the question is should same sex marriage be defined as this? Same sex marriage should be considered wrong. Marriage is a sacred act that with times are being manipulated to something that it is not. The very roots of marriage are for it to be acquired by one man and one woman to be joined as one. There are many reasons it was originally stated to be this way, and why it should be brought back to the way it was originally intended to be. One reason is that it affects the children in several negative ways, but the main one would be the constant state of confusion of not knowing whom to feel an attraction to. The children would grow up with either two moms or two dads, and would be confused if they had and an attraction to the opposite gender. The children would stuck between the eyes of their ever-watchful parents and the ruthless children that they would call their peers. Secondly, the everlasting definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. Marriage is meant to be experienced by the opposite sex so that the partners would have the ability to complete each other. This was the primary intention of the connection of a man and a woman. To have a love for one another that was fulfilled by knowing that the partners fill each others gaps in their hearts. Many people go farther in their reasoning and pull information from the text of religious beliefs. The acceptance of same sex marriage is forbidden in some religions, yet same sex marriage prospers. Same sex marriage endangers some religions freedom to express their beliefs. Same sex marriage is a subject that should be considered wrong, and should proven that it is. Same sex

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