Argumentative Essay Format

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PURPOSE: To set up and state one’s claim
OPTIONAL ELEMENTS Make your introductory paragraph interesting. How can you draw your readers in?
What background information, if any, do we need to know in order to understand your claim? If you don’t follow this paragraph with a background information paragraph, please insert that info here.

 If you’re arguing about a literary work—state author + title
 If you’re arguing about an issue or theory – provide brief explanation or your of issue/theory.
 If you’re arguing about a film—state director, year + title
 STATE your claim at the end of your introductory paragraph

BACKGROUND PARAGRAPH o 1-2 paragraphs tops;
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SUPPORTING EVIDENCE PARAGRAPH #2, 3, 4 etc. o Repeat above

 COUNTERARGUMENT PARAGRAPH o PURPOSE: To anticipate your reader’s objections; make yourself sound more objective and reasonable. o Optional; usually 1-2 paragraphs tops o What possible argument might your reader pose against your argument and/or some aspect of your reasoning? Insert one or more of those arguments here and refute them. o End paragraph with a concluding sentence that reasserts your paper’s claim as a whole.

 CONCLUSION PART 1: SUM UP PARAGRAPH o PURPOSE: Remind readers of your argument and supporting evidence o Conclusion you were most likely taught to write in High School

CONCLUSION PART 2: YOUR “SO WHAT” PARAGRAPH o PURPOSE: To illustrate to your instructor that you have thought critically and analytically about this issue.

o Your conclusion should not simply restate your intro paragraph. If your conclusion says almost the exact same thing as your introduction, it may indicate that you have not done enough critical thinking during the course of your essay (since you ended up right where you started).

o Your conclusion should tell us why we should care about your paper. What is the significance of your claim? Why is it important to you as the writer or to me as the reader? What information should you or I take

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